Art During the Occupation Gallery, Bushwick is a not for profit contemporary art space showing subversive and difficult work. We delight in serving as a platform for discourse on work that is challenging to authority paradigms, feminist, queer, anti-establishment, hyper-aggressive, mystic, and/or joyously sexual.

Our gallery was launched in 2015 by Christopher Stout who serves as gallery founder and director.


Art During the Occupation Gallery, Bushwick

(formerly Christopher Stout Gallery, New York)

119 Ingraham Street
Ground Floor Main Gallery in the Brooklyn Fire Proof Building
Brooklyn, New York 11237
Metro Stop: L Train, Morgan Street Stop 

Gallery Hours: Saturday, and Sunday 1-5pm, and also by private appointment.

Telephone: (646) 872-9990


Instagram: @artduringtheoccupationgallery and Hashtag: #artduringtheoccupationgallery

An HONORABLE mention!!! Our gallery name change from Christopher Stout Gallery, New York to Art During the Occupation Gallery, Bushwick is cited in an article by Carl Swanson in New York Magazine titled, "Is Political Art the Only Art That Matters Now?" regarding the art world “going to war” with Trump… click the image above to access the online version of the article.