Image Caption: A selection of future estate items from artist Lisa Levy:

  1. Photo album of India trip 1996
  2. Salt & pepper shakers from the Cedar Tavern closing, Sunday, November 26, 2006
  3. Joan Rivers Biography
  4. Photo of my pet ferret
  5. Artwork: "I'd like to get rid of my insecurities" boomerang
  6. Cheltenham High School diploma 1974


Year 3, Exhibition 3

Exhibition Dates: November 03rd – November 26th, 2017 
Opening Reception: Friday, November 03rd, 6:30-9:00pm

Art During the Occupation Gallery, Bushwick is pleased to announce “Please Help Look After My Stuff When I Am Dead,” a conceptual solo exhibition by artist Lisa Levy. This marks the second Art During the Occupation Gallery solo show by the artist, and also her third exhibition project with the gallery. Lisa Levy’s previous solo was titled, “The Artist Is Humbly Present” and was shown in January 2016.
Here is Lisa Levy’s art statement regarding the work:

You Can’t Take It With You

This is a show I could not have done earlier in my life. I spent the 59th year of my life anxiously preparing myself mentally to turn 60. After my 60th birthday, I spent the next year adjusting to my new identity as “young old” and through the experience, I realized I felt ok about it, even relieved that I could more fully “own” my age as I was officially “old.”

Please Help Me Look After My Stuff When I am Dead is my attempt to reassure you people that aging and getting closer to death is not as frightening and depressing as you might have been told. I’m finding some fun playing with it. I hope this exhibit helps you relax a bit. Most importantly, just try to eat right and get as much physical activity as you can.

I have curated my most prized possessions and numbered them. I am inviting you to choose one or more so I can leave it to you and feel better about my impending death. (As far as I know, I am in good health. I am hoping to make it to my 80’s.) I’m asking you to fill out a card because I will need your info. I also want to know how you relate to the object you selected so that I can make sure it gets to the person that wants it the most.

I appreciate you “adopting” my things. It will help me feel secure in my aging!

How it works:

  1. Choose the item(s) you wish to have bequeathed by me to you in my will
  2. Fill out one card per numbered item and leave it at the desk
  3. I will select the recipient for each item and notify them as soon as they are selected
  4. Wait till I die — you will be notified to make arrangements with my executor to receive the item


Christopher Stout Gallery, New York has rebranded our gallery name to Art During The Occupation Gallery, Bushwick in correlation with a gallery structure change to a not for profit organization.

Our new name serves as a constant statement of protest against our current national leadership.

MORE THAN EVER, our gallery will remain steadfast in its mission to show subversive and difficult work, serving as a platform for discourse on work that is challenging to authority paradigms, feminist, queer, anti-establishment, hyper-aggressive, mystic, and/or joyously sexual.


Art During the Occupation Gallery, Bushwick

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